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Are you outraged by the current Expanded Universe? - Where you from, Kansas?

Jan. 8th, 2008

05:51 pm - Are you outraged by the current Expanded Universe?

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Huh. Me neither.

These Star Wars fans in this entry who are upset because slapdash media tie-ins are unsatisfying... well, what did they expect?

Seems to me that a significant chunk of SW fans just will not accept this very obvious point about their fandom: The movies were great fun (or at least the first 2-4 were), but the universe they're set in is about as deep as a dime. And was intended that way. Star Wars and its sequels were a wacky collage of bits from other genres (samurai flicks, WW2 aviation movies, sword and sorcery, martial arts, etc.) thinly overlaid with a layer of science fiction trappings. They were not, and were never meant to be, real science fiction. So take this already thin stuff and spread it out over dozen of tie-in novels, what do you get? 

It's akin to complaining about the blandness of Cheese Whiz, and then consuming more of it. Sheesh. There's a whole world of good cheese out there. Go out and sample it, kids, there's no one stopping you but you.

(Grouchiness over. Later, folks...)